Why choose Granite?

Technically speaking, geologists granite is plutonic igneous rock that came about as the result of volcanic magna cooling and solidifying - subjected to intense pressure in the depths of the Earth, where it stayed for millions of years.

To homeowners, architects and designers it is a natural stone of amazing beauty and timeless appeal of opulence.

Each piece is unique and is cut from a quarry face in locations as exotic as South America, Norway, Japan, Brazil and India and sliced into sections. It is then highly polished and the versatile elegance of each unique piece of granite emerges!

Granite withstands moderate heat so many of the best chefs insist on granite in their kitchens. Granite has played its part in producing some of the world's most wonderful culinary creations - a granite benchtop providing the perfect surface for such as the fine art of chocolate making and the world's best pastry.

Granite comes into its own in the kitchen but it can be used to make a statement of timelessness and elegance anywhere throughout your home or commercial area.

The uses of Granite in your home are limited only by your imagination!

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