What is the difference between Granite and Caesarstone®?

Granite v Caesarstone | Granite Designworks Nelson

Granite is a solid slab of stone.  There are countless varieties of granite.  Granite differs mostly on where it comes from, chemical makeup, colours, density, porosity, amount of pitting, etc.  Since it is a natural stone, no two are alike.  Each slab of granite, even if it is the same kind or name, can look completely different than the next slab. 

Caesarstone® is a manufactured product using 93% quartz aggregates and 7% pigments and resin (which bonds the stone together). The quartz is completely natural, but because it is smaller pieces, with pigments added, and the final product manufactured in a factory, the same colour and variation is going to look the same everywhere you see it. Caesarstone® provides many of the benefits of granite with more consistent colouring and more options for the lighter colours.

Why choose Granite?

Why choose Caesarstone®?

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